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  • This Cleveland, Ohio consumer complaint and discussion site is operated by Joel Libava, an angry Cleveland Water Division customer, a resident of University Heights, and a franchise consultant. This site is probably not approved by any Water Division employee. Joel is not at all related to Ralph Nader, any of his rabid followers, or to any Water Division employees. And, Joel doesn't give up.

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Tom Berry

I received a Cleveland water bill for more than $400 on 5/5/10. It was for the period Aug 2009 - Feb 2010, not event the current period, so it was the apparent additional amount (I presume) due to rate increases. I can't tell if it's accurate or not. I tried to go to the EZ-PAY website (my method of payment) or get an EZ-PAY phone # to stop the next payment, due 5/18, 5 days from now. The Div of Water website will not allow any recurring payment changes, so they have me trapped. I also can't find an EZ-PAY website to contact them directly. This isn't even the bill for the current period (approx 2/24 - 5/24), but for a previous billing period. I printed out the current water rates and they don't agree with the bill rates. I don't want to get into a phone tug of war with them based on the comments made here that they don't return calls, etc. I don't mind paying some or all of the bill if it's correct. However, I believe if I pay the bill, and it's found to be wrong (overbilled) I'll never get it back. Any thoughts? My only thought is to call them and say I'll pay 1/4 or 1/3 of the amount to give me some time to figure out if it's accurate. Thanks for any ideas.


Well, two days ago I received another bill stating that I had a past due amount and had to see someone or my water would be cut off. Today I received a bill with a "corrections". They have adjusted $390 which is almost what I calculated through careful readings and constant correspondence and e-mail. Mind you, no one ever called me but to make a long story (a year of disputes) my bill today showed and estimated read on Feb 5th of 184.0 and actual read on Feb 26 of 0.7 usage. Just what I have been telling them all along. Wow what a messed up system. Good luck to everyone else. I will keep my weekly log of reading myself so that this doesn't happen again and will keep everyone updated.


OMG! We're still waiting (going on 18 months) on a date before the review board. Every once in a while we get a cut off notice and my husband calls someone in city hall who promises our water won't be cut off and we'll get a review board appointment soon .... repeat as needed. Beyond dysfunctional. Kafka-esque.

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