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  • This Cleveland, Ohio consumer complaint and discussion site is operated by Joel Libava, an angry Cleveland Water Division customer, a resident of University Heights, and a franchise consultant. This site is probably not approved by any Water Division employee. Joel is not at all related to Ralph Nader, any of his rabid followers, or to any Water Division employees. And, Joel doesn't give up.

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mary kurdila

I had the water dept send me a read-out of readings and billing since I moved in. The paperwork goes back to 2006 - when I wasn't even living there and it clearly shows how they randomly increase the usage during the summer but I also found it interesting that the meter readers id was the same for all these years. Meaning the same person came to my home each time a real read was done - I Think Not! I am in the process of analyzing all the information I got so that I can dispute my current $800+ bill for a house of 3 people that are gone 6 out of 7 days a week

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