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CSI: Cleveland Division Of Water Makes An Appearance At My House!

The folks at The Cleveland Div. of Water were kind enough to send out a a Special Investigator to my home...

The Cleveland Special Investigator was there to "check my pipes." Well to check my meters, and even my toilets. WOW.

Would you like to know what this nice chap found?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

{Of course he did not find anything wrong with my water systems!}

This is just a formality, folks. The next step is for me to appear before the Water Review Board.

Has anyone made this far yet? Have you had a CSI guy or gal over yet?

Have you gone before the Review Board yet? What were your results? What can we expect?

If you can share your experiences, and give us all some tips, it would be appreciated, big time!

I have opened the comments up, and you don't have to leave your name.

Thank You!

{Remember to flush!}


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