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  • This Cleveland, Ohio consumer complaint and discussion site is operated by Joel Libava, an angry Cleveland Water Division customer, a resident of University Heights, and a franchise consultant. This site is probably not approved by any Water Division employee. Joel is not at all related to Ralph Nader, any of his rabid followers, or to any Water Division employees. And, Joel doesn't give up.

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04.19.09 at 7:42 pmGothRodgersEh, I'm a Green Bay fan and I don't particularly like the city. However, I woldun't put it in the same discussion really. Boring, yes it is. Otherwise, though, it's not all that depressing or dangerous. Good standard of living. You get used to the weather. People aren't terribly political and/or racist (not enough black people for any real edge). I would definitely hate to be a young black man in his 20s trying to live there from a stimulation standpoint but not a bad place to spend the part of the year football players are forced to live there. No one trying to shoot you for going to see a dying relative at the hospital anyway.


I totally love this site :) totally going to need to remember to put this on
my bookmarks.

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