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  • This Cleveland, Ohio consumer complaint and discussion site is operated by Joel Libava, an angry Cleveland Water Division customer, a resident of University Heights, and a franchise consultant. This site is probably not approved by any Water Division employee. Joel is not at all related to Ralph Nader, any of his rabid followers, or to any Water Division employees. And, Joel doesn't give up.

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Fine information. Thanks so much, have a good day!


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04.20.09 at 1:08 amJRD@That'samare A lot of former plearys on various St. Louis pro teams tend to stay there after their career is done, That’s gotta mean something, shouldn’t it? St. Louis pussy is incredibly easy?Did somebody rattle off an ORCHESTRA statistic to defend Cleveland? Holy shit. Well, let me tell you about our arboretum . . .


04.19.09 at 6:57 pmmoirrrawell, i love flirdoa. pretty beaches (okay i lie, but there are lots and lots of beaches), you can wear flip-flops year-round, it never gets much lower than 40 degrees (and for the most part we experience 60 degree winter weather) but then again, i was born on a tropical island, and would probably die if i were ever exposed to snow. /also helps that i'm a gator fan//completely irrelevant to the nfl discussion///except maybe for percy harvin


Haha. Hey, I'm a proud supporter of spotrs and healthy living. Play hockey, eat local and organic. And if we win a Stanley cup tomorrow, hey, thats great too. If you win your bet tomorrow maybe you can use your winnings toward a CSA subscription!


I really have no kndlewoge of water towers. You have probably thought of all of these concerns, nevertheless: 1. Make sure you have it located the tower high enough to provide good pressure to the top of your home even when the water level is low in the tower.2. Be sure to design it so you can inspect it. You will probably have to clean it out periodically even if you filter the water before it goes in.3. I would be sure to treat it to get ride of bacteria as the water enters the tower and then treat it as it leaves to achieve sterility at the furtherest ends of the system.4. You also better install on the top a lightning rod and ground it. The tower would be a great target to have a lightning strike and burn it down even if it is full of water!Good luck!Fred


When I lived in Sierra Leone, we didn't have running water and we only had two small buctkes per day for four people - showers, flushing the toilet, everything. It really opens your eyes to not only how lucky we are to have such access to water, but also how wasteful we tend to be. Before I left, my average shower time was close to 20 minutes; now it's more like 7. Small changes like that could easily be made by the vast majority of Canadians with absolutely no impact on their own quality of life, and a potentially life-saving impact on others around the world.As always, thanks for posting, Busta.

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to follow this story, and this site. I don't want to sound too selfish, but I don't really care that much about the folks that are not paying. We have been paying our water bills perfectly, and we are getting screwed.

You don't really think I'll give up, do you?

Joel Libava

Jim Kukral

Joel, I don't get this story. The Channel 3 story was two different stories.

1. About a few people like you who are getting screwed.

2. About some big companies who are either being screwed or just not paying.

But at the end of the day, something is not right. Someone isn't getting the story right?

Padma Yadavalli

I received a bill for 10/13/2008 thru 01/15/2009 for water and sewer $10,700.00. I guess I top all others!!

Larry and Diane,
Thank for stopping by, and sharing your own experiences with the Cleveland Water Dept.
Let's keep spreading this around!
Encourage more folks to join up!

Larry Collins

While we have not been hit with ridiculous bills it seems the arrogance of the water dept, or whoever,is still unbelievable.
In November a leak was discovered in my front lawn that the department admitted was their responsibility. In repairing their leak the contractor hired by the division of water dug up my yard , destroying many hostas, they also dug up my curb and the street in front of my house. They did not bother to call and let me know they were coming to do this work and give me the opportunity to prepare. They simple came and started digging my yard,suprise.
They have yet to make arrangments to repair the damage they have done and to tell you the truth I do not think they will without a battle.
I take care of my yard and at the very least I would expect to
the city I live in,Cleveland, to be pleased that I do.
Destroying property and not taking responsibility for it,to me, is another indication of the irresponsible nature and ambivalance this town displays towards it citizenry.
How can we grow as a community with this attitude?


Our water bills haven't been huge, but the Div. of Water keeps telling us that we owe them an extra amount that we supposedly didn't pay from a previous bill. They give me some kind of explanation, and then my husband shows me the canceled check that shows we paid everything. We're looking forward to the next bill to see what they now expect us to pay!

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